Why, hello there, my curious and confused friend.

You've just had a bit of an awakening; something that has stirred your soul a little.  

Or a lot.

Maybe you ...

           recently finished a yoga teacher training that asked you to

           delve deeper than the postures?

 read a self-help book you can't stop thinking about?

                           just experienced a death or birth in your family?

           had a shift in your identity because your body is not working the way you want it to due to an injury or illness?

You are at a crossroads.

And it's crazy uncomfortable.  Some part of you knows that you are meant for something bigger.  That your life has a deeper meaning and purpose than what you've been living. 

But, you're feeling unclear about how you can bring a more emotionally and spiritually authentic you into your life.  

You're paralyzed by doubt.  Distracted by the daily grind and societal pressures.

You feel like a tree cut off from its roots; disconnected, unfulfilled, longing.

Yet, something bigger is calling you.                                         

You're just not quite sure what it's saying, whether to listen to it, or how to get from here to... you're not even sure yet.

Who I Work with

If you think We'd be a good fit...

or you're curious as heck about how I can work with you

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Click Here to schedule a free 15 min consult

our Real work

We may not be a good fit if:

  • You hate spirituality and personal growth.
  • You aren't very fond of nature and the outdoors.
  • You think emotions are a waste of time.
  • You're solely looking for a new job.  (If this is the case contact me anyway.  I know some great career counselors I can refer you to. I, however, am not one of them.)
  • You'd rather be watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians than reading this site - and, if so, how did you make it this far into this page?

Our Real Work : Jess Ryan - Yoga, Life Coaching, Reiki, Shamanic Work, Personal Growth, Spiritual Transition © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

we may be a good fit if:

  • You're willing to ask deeper questions.
  • You can appreciate frank questions and inquiry.
  • You value personal and spiritual growth.
  • You believe emotions have value.
  • You're open to life coaching, physical movement, being outside, energy work, and other healing modalities.

You + ME = What we Do

Using the phone or internet (Facetime or Skype) I'll help guide you through the doubt and distractions into the mystery of the unknown so you emerge bringing the inner you into the outer world.  From here, you can live the most authentic, soul-inspired version of yourself in your daily life.

We'll start by getting clear on what's causing the confusion, doubt, and fear.  Using proven, and non-mainstream, methods I'll help you uncover what it is that you want to bring forth into your life and how you can do that in a sustainable manner.

You do not need to quit your job, move to Nepal, weep and hit punching bags for years on end, or meditate eight hours a day to figure it out.  

When we are done working together you will feel empowered and at peace with yourself.  You'll trust yourself more.  

The best way to put it - you'll feel connected and aligned.  It feels like truth.  This feels a heck of a lot better than confused, hopeless, and doubtful.

The work we do is specifically tailored to you and, is not limited to, but may incorporate:

·    Body-mind practices that can include movement, yoga, meditation, and visualizations  

     The body carries our spirit, memories, and life experiences.  It’s got wicked helpful information once we learn how to speak its language.      

     Because once you know what it's trying to tell you, you open the door to trusting yourself.

·    Strengthening and uncovering the messages of your energetic body (Say what?)

     Yes. You have an energetic body. You know when you get a gut feeling? Or feel like something is off?  Or hear that inner voice?  Whether we

      realize it or not, we interact with the world in non-verbal ways.  Bam. Energetic body.  Believe me.  You want to know what kind of signals you

      are sending and receiving so you can move in the direction of your truth.  (Metaphor alert: Imagine you only get AM radio and you're trying

      desperately to listen to your favorite FM radio station.  Impossible.  Not to mention - super frustrating.) Reiki and energy work can help dial you


·    Working those thoughts and coaching (Can you say doubt and fear?)

     This is where we tackle the uncertainty and re-wire the hardwiring of your brain so you can feel relief, my friend.  With a clearer mind, we can live

     sustainably from our hearts and move towards living out our soul's purpose.

·    Time in nature (At least this sounds familiar, right?!)

      Mostly, it just feels good to get some fresh air and sunshine.  PLUS, there is actual proof that time in nature strengthens emotional development,

      reduces symptoms of stress, anxiety, and ADHD, and stimulates the pineal gland and right hemisphere of our brain.  Just getting a little sciencey

      on you. Basically. I'm saying. It works.  You'll feel better, get new insights and ideas, and realize we are connected to and part of something



We will create clear steps and practices you can take to feel supported through this process of self-discovery.  When we are done working together you will have stronger sense of your selfand your spirit.  You will feel peaceful. You will have confidence in how and what you bring to your life

Clients who have worked with me say:

  • Your gift… the beautiful way you combine your yoga skills with so many of the mind/body skills.  It may sound like an over exaggeration, but I truly believe that you saved my life a couple of years ago.  I was heading down a very slippery slope.  The things you taught me, I still use to this day.

  • One of the best things about you and the way you do this is the constant caring for your students. This has always been very comforting to me and literally there are times…that my tears well up with gratitude for having found you, and this process that is teaching me mysterious, yet wonderful things- it's very hard to describe. 

  • There is still fear, but with the tools and awareness I've gained, I'm not going to let it pull me away from my life's work.

  • You helped me see that even though society has conventions that are sometimes difficult to resist, I am a visionary whose purpose is to move beyond them so I can do what I was put on this earth to do.

That. Is our real work.