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…one of the best things about you and the way you do this is the constant caring for your students…This has always been very comforting to me and literally there are times in class that my tears well up with gratitude for having found you, and this process that is teaching me mysterious, yet wonderful things- it's very hard to describe. There is a flow to your classes where everything we do feels connected and natural. The way you conduct it is so safe, like we are in the palm of your hand and I totally trust your process. 

- J.T., Social Worker and Professor

Thanks to you, I have started a new journey in my life. 

- C.H., Owner, Healthy Life Studio

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Hello my fellow seeker.

Something has cracked the You of you open. 

A personal growth workshop, a yoga teacher or life coach training, a book, an injury, the death of a family member, the birth of a child.

The world looks a little different. 

There is more to life than how you've been living.  Your life and the unique genius you bring to this world mean something.  A part of You knows that.

But, how do you live this way on a daily basis?

You feel the rub.  You can't buck the system; there are bills to pay, kids to shuttle, bosses to please, partners to consider.

Yet, something in You is calling.

My name is Jess Ryan. I'm here to help you figure out the answer.  In a way that's perfect for you.

Let's get to work.

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