Hi, I'm Jess.  

Are you feeling confused?  Not sure of your choices or next steps or how to make that next big decision?  I help men and women develop, strengthen, and TRUST their intuition so they can live a centered, aligned, and confident life enabling them to bring their inner truth into their everyday life.


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our Real work

Jess’s style of teaching yoga is poetic, while being straightforward and clear. It is evident that what she brings to her teaching comes from her soul and from her gift to see each of her students’ strengths. Because of this, Jess’s presence as a teacher is warm and tangible. As a yoga student working with Jess, I have learned how to dive deeper into new experiences with a healthy sense of humor and trust.

Erica Barton
Laramie, Wyoming

Whether you work with her in person or over the phone and whether she's talking you through a meditation, leading a yoga class, giving energy work, or coaching you through challenging times, Jess will help you reconnect with yourself, your soul, and your purpose.

Jenny Shih

Corvalis, Oregon


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You’re confused and frustrated. Maybe you’ve taken a self-improvement workshop, been practicing yoga, or read a book that has opened you up to a new way of wanting to live your life. You’re searching for ways to incorporate this information and live with a deeper sense of meaning, but have no idea where to start, what exactly to change, or how to do this when your boss says a project is due tomorrow and your kid just dropped your checkbook in the toilet.  

If only (queue the harps) a note would drop from the heavens and tell you exactly what you should do next to feel in sync with the Universe and to live, majestically, into your destiny.

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I LOVE Jess Ryan.  She's the real deal, grounded, off-the charts empathic, with a brilliant mind to boot. She'll spot, in micro-seconds, where you are out of alignment and gently guide you to awareness.  But Jess' genius lies in the spoken word - poetry for the soul. Jess Ryan's poetry and spoken word, her grounded energy and guided meditations provide a direct conduit to your soul.  I can't explain it, you have to experience it.  She. Is. Magic.

Bev Barnes

Amos, Canada


There is something about Jess that feels wise and safe. When she speaks, you can't help but listen. Her presence and the way she teaches is down to earth, real, and unpretentious. She has a way of saying something that you have heard a hundred times suddenly make sense. I have been fortunate to hear Jess teach many times about numerous topics and I can honestly say, I am a better person because of it. She creates an opportunity for others to be who they are and explore it without ever feeling judged or ashamed. What a gift! Jess Ryan is the most SOLID teacher/person I have been fortunate enough to learn from.

Emily Brown

Laramie Wyoming


Jess Ryan is a gift! Meeting her was timely for me as I was going through a huge life transition – all the biggies – work, children, and relationships. I was starting to feel like I was lost. I first met Jess through Blossom Yoga where she brings a little something extra to each class. I would find myself pondering the messages from her classes throughout my day. I then took the “New Year’s Evolution” class that she co-facilitates which led me to take the next step – work one on one with Jess in her program entitled “The Real You”.  This program inspired me in ways that I am still discovering. It helped me take a hard look at my life, both past and present, and let go of some things that were no longer serving me. Before starting “The Real You” I had not had much experience with Reiki but I found this energetic work with Jess to be amazing. I will continue to use Reiki in my life. I have encouraged several people in my life to look at this program – it is a game changer! - ​Marla Petersen, General Manager, Big Hollow Food Coop