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This program combines a mix of science, life experience, woo, wit, and, more importantly, practical proven strategies for understanding what’s standing between you and your boundaries. I get where you’re at, because I was there, too. I was the girl sleeping three hours a night because I was taking all of the crappy shifts at work that nobody else wanted to take (among other things).  I struggled with chronic pain, weight issues, health issues, and constantly feeling like I was responsible for everything = doormat. Remember that old cereal commercial from the late 80’s? Give it to Mikey…he’ll eat it. Yep. That was me. And I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way..

​Jess Ryan is a gift! Meeting her was timely for me as I was going through a huge life transition – all the biggies – work, children, and relationships. I was starting to feel like I was lost. This program inspired me in ways that I am still discovering. It helped me take a hard look at my life, both past and present, and let go of some things that were no longer serving me. I have encouraged several people in my life to look at this program – it is a game changer!

Marla Peterson, General Manager, Big Hollow Food Co-op​

A 7-Week, Automated Course For Personal Empowerment & Better boundaries

​I'm a person that shares her energy... wherever, whenever, with whomever. But for a very long time, I thought that's "just what you do." You help EVERYONE, ALL THE TIME. Today, with all the things I'm learning on my health journey, I see boundaries being a very critical component to my well-being. I've pulled back on projects, stopped reaching out as much, because the truth is: we are all humans and we run out of energy if we're not wise with it! This class is about teaching you where, when and with whom you need better boundaries. But it will also teach you how to pour energy back into yourself.

-Jenny Shufelt, MS Certified Health Coach​

Whether you work with her in person or over the phone and whether she's talking you through a meditation, leading a yoga class, giving energy work, or coaching you through challenging times, Jess will help you reconnect with yourself, your soul, and your purpose.

Jenny Shih, Coach and Consultant for Creative Entrepreneurs 

You’ve known for some time now that you need to start saying no thank you to things that you don’t want to do. It’s that pit in your stomach the moment you say yes that tells you so. It’s the tightness in your chest that happens when you feel instantly responsible for turning around your partner’s sour mood after a long day at work. It’s the loss of appetite three days before you fly across the country to visit your family (you know the drama that’s waiting for you on the other side). It’s feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck because your friend just unloaded all of her problems onto you.

You’re exhausted, anxiety ridden, and tense. You’re feeling pretty crummy about yourself and the fact that you always seem to wind up in this position. And hey, let’s be honest – you’re pissed off at everybody who keeps getting in the way of your balance and happiness.

But here’s the thing, love…
They’re not in your way - you’re in your way. And you have a strong and beautiful power within you to turn things around.   

The Real You 101: Healthy Boundaries in a Demanding World is a seven-week course designed to teach you the essential tools you need to establish and maintain healthy boundaries in the five core areas that impact your daily life: physical, relational, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. You will develop and strengthen your intuitive awareness, and learn how to use it as your guide in everyday decision-making (you know, real life stuff).   

This program is for you if you want to:

When you establish healthy boundaries, you feel comfortable in your own skin. There is ease around politely declining an invitation. You feel calm, centered, and aligned. When you rely on your intuition, it gets louder and easier to hear.  And when you can hear your inner knowing loud and clear, you will absolutely make the best possible choices for yourself, and trust the process of doing so. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

If I were doing private one-off sessions, the cost of eight of them would be valued at over $1800. The cost of the course material alone is valued at over $300 (and the bonuses over $200) = >$2000 value!

I am offering The Real You: Boundaries in a Demanding World for $199.

Why such a reasonable price? Because my intuition told me so (for real).

Basically, it’s the price of a nice dinner and a concert ticket (you know, the one that you’ll buy even though you don’t really want to go to, because that one intimidating “friend” of yours really wants you to). Unless, of course, you learn to say no.

This is one “yes” you can feel very comfortable with.

P.S. – You know you’re not the only one…Please share this opportunity with other lovely souls in your life who could benefit from this work.

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​There is something about Jess that feels wise and safe. When she speaks, you can't help but listen. Her presence and the way she teaches is down to earth, real, and unpretentious. She has a way of saying something that you have heard a hundred times suddenly make sense. I have been fortunate to hear Jess teach many times about numerous topics and I can honestly say, I am a better person because of it. She creates an opportunity for others to be who they are and explore it without ever feeling judged or ashamed. What a gift! Jess Ryan is the most SOLID teacher/person I have been fortunate enough to learn from.

Emily Brown, Eating Psychology Coach,

  • Feel centered and confident amidst family, work, and social responsibilities…. without feeling responsible for everyone.
  • Cut out dread and walking on eggshells from your daily routine.
  • Fill your calendar with things you truly want to do (and with people who genuinely nurture your soul).
  • Honor yourself in this busy world, without fear of feeling selfish, being rejected, or losing a relationship.
  • Work with others in helping and healing professions (teachers, healers, therapists, coaches, hairdressers, moms) and end the day feeling energized and present in your own life.

Over the course of the Group Program you will...

  • Gain knowledge and understanding about the five areas of boundaries that are necessary for health, solid relationships, success, and personal fulfillment.
  • Learn practical tools to implement changes, and “real life” examples of how they work.
  • Find out how you might, unknowingly, be blocking your access to joy, love, success, money and support so you can find some relief and alignment right away.
  • Develop an awareness of your intuitive voice, and begin to trust it when making decisions (little ones and big ones).
  • Have the support of a group setting, where you’ll benefit from others who are going through similar experiences and build a community of boundary warriors.  
  • Have personal access to my insight and experience on a regular basis on our group calls, as well as in our private Facebook community

Included in The Real You 101: Healthy Boundaries in a Demanding World Seven-Week Program:

  • A weekly, 75-120-minute content recording with equal parts: life-changing content + practical tools + implementation
  • Access to an ongoing membership in our private Facebook community, where you’ll be supported by fellow boundarians.
  • A “Trust Yourself” customized action plan that you’ll create to implement your new tools and make. this. real.  
  • Ongoing access to all content for as long as it shall live.

The deets:

  • ​Once you sign up and pay you will receive the first recording within 24 hours. The rest of your classes will be emailed to you every week, thereafter. 
  • Once you sign up you will also be added to the SECRET Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support from your fellow classmates: past, present, and future.


Q: I’m not sure I have time for this right now. Maybe next time?
A: This program is a self-paced program. It's set up to keep you on task with reminders and your weekly classes, over the seven weeks, but if your schedule doesn't permit, you can listen at your own pace after you are done receiving the emails. Besides, if you feel too overwhelmed by your schedule to dedicate 1-2 hours to yourself each week...it is time to take some time for yourself (plus, check out the bonuses)! Please join us and let me and the community of Boundary Builders help you set up a life with a little more space to breathe.

Q: I’ve never participated in a virtual course before. Will there still be personal interactions?
A: YES! There are ample opportunities for personal interactions on the calls, in the FB group, as well as weekly assignments and challenges that will keep everyone involved at a level that feels good to them. (Here’s a shout out to my fellow introverts.) People are often surprised at the connections that are made and how powerful this work can be in a virtual setting.

Q: What if I need further support after this program? How can I work with you on an ongoing basis?
A: Upon finishing this program, you’ll have the option to work with me 1:1 in my individual 3-month coaching program. This class is a pre-requisite for 1:1 work. I’m also working on an advanced boundary group program for Empaths, Healer, and Helpers…stay tuned!

The knowledge and tools you gain in this program will teach you how to stand in your center, know yourself, trust your voice, and act on it – no matter what. Regardless of who you’re with, where you are, or what the issue is. You deserve you. Isn’t it time?

Investment for better boundaries and to be more of the REAL you: $199