our Real work

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New identity

New body

New person in your house - no matter how many kids you have

New dynamics in your relationships

New sleep patterns - or no sleep

Work? Stay at home?

What IS my purpose?  

...Because, right now, I feel like a walking feedbag. 


The vulnerability of loving someone so much

The guilt

How do I do it all?  Or even a portion of it?

...and list goes on.

The thing is...that's part of the process. 

Part of finding out who you are - and it's messy.  

Birth (literal and metaphorical) ain't for the weary.

But, the amazing thing, and I've seen it time and time again, is that we are made for this, and more importantly - we are fully capable of it.

I'm here to walk along side and support you during the process.

Real Mom

The picture above.  Not me.  But, I do think it's beautiful and I, 100%, agree with the statement.

The picture below. Me. With my 6-month-old and substantial airbrushing under my eyes, I'm not gonna lie. (Yes, those are markedly "improved" eye circles.)

I was actually quite a mess.  I had a relatively good pregnancy and birth, but experienced a post-birth trauma, chronic pain, and depression that had some life altering effects for about a year. (This was a different experience from the "Ass Breaking Incident".  Hence, the prolific fist shaking and melodramatic "Whhhhhyyyy's??"  Really?!  Again?!)

I like the picture below because my little guy really was that happy at the time...and those eyes are to die for.  The more important reason why I like this pic is, like most moms, we look like we have it together on the outside, but more often than not...

It's. Just. Not. The. Case.