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Thanks to the overwhelming response I've decided to offer this class to everyone.

Jess Ryan has a gift for leading you into the unknown in a gentle way, but getting powerful results.  I was in the "what is happening to me" phase of spiritual awareness and Jess worked with me to take simple steps to gain a greater understanding of my intuition, which has resulted in more joy and acceptance of my gifts and purpose in this world.

Summer Howard

Boulder, CO



What’s included:

Pre-teleclass Bonus

  • Intuition Indicator Survey to help you discover the five areas where intuition is trying to show up in your life
  • Access to the private Intuition in the Real World Facebook group.

Post-teleclass Bonus

  • Recording of Intuition In the Real World : Never Make the Wrong Decision Again within 48 hours of the class
  • A free Intuition Clarity, 1:1, mini session to ask me any one question about your specific intuition challenge


Cost: FREE

How to get the recording: You will receive a confirmation email with the link to the recording and instructions upon registration.  

You simply listen on your computer from the comfort of your own location!

Days after Jess' Intuition in the Real World workshop, I realized that I had experienced a big shift: Because of her class, I began to understand how to listen for, and recognize important messages I am constantly receiving from my body's own amazing wisdom. The information she presented was accessible and practical, and has improved my own ability to make both big and little decisions with confidence.


Stephanie Long, LPC 

Laramie, WY


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Never make the wrong decision again.

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It's happened before: you’ve followed your instincts, listened to your gut, got a sense about someone or something and were spot on. But, more often than not, you find yourself doubting your abilities to make the “right” choice. You agonize over making decisions.

  • What’s my next step?
  • Where is my life taking me?
  • Is this the right choice?

Or, maybe, you make random, haphazard decisions based on whims or intuitive “hits” and end up feeling not-so-great about the outcomes.  

If any of this sound like you, get ready to move your life in an empowered and confident direction and start using your Intuition in the Real World.

Join me for an eye-opening teleclass to:

  • Learn the research behind intuition <-- it’s real, people.
  • The unexpected ways you might be sabotaging your intuition
  • How to follow your gut instincts and TRUST every decision you make
  • What you are mistaking for intuition (and how to deal with it)
  • How to feel confident you are always making the right choices in life

Jess has a way of making intuition and energy work very accessible in the real world. She has become my go to resource for making decisions in my business, not because she tells me what to do but she helps me make the best decision for myself. She combines science, universal energy and a good dose of humor to help put me at ease every single time I speak with her. She's my secret weapon for sure.

Megan Flatt

San Francisco, Ca


Jess has a great way of explaining things. If you're new to trying to understanding the world of your own intuition she will have you on board in no time. She is fun, cheerful, and full of knowledge. You won't be disappointed!

Lorena Rodriguez CMT, RYT

Laramie, Wyoming

Owner of Loving Touch Massage Therapy