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My doula partner and I are not taking currently taking clients.

 Please contact me if you are interested in learning about other local doulas.

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My doula partner and I are not taking currently taking clients.

 Please contact me if you are interested in learning about other local doulas.

Doula Packages

All services include a free in-person or phone consultation to see if we’d be a good match. 

Click here to schedule your free doula consultation.

I co-doula with Britt Thompson of Synergy Doula Services.  We attend all prenatal visits together and have a rotating on-call schedule for attending the birth.  You may also request to only work with one of us in special circumstances.

Package #1:  Beautiful Beginnings

·  Three prenatal visits focused on building a relationship with mom and partner, customizing relaxation techniques and pain 
​   management options for your labor and delivery, assistance creating optimal birth plan

·  Convenient visits in your home if desired (in the Laramie area)

·  Travel within a 70 miles radius to attend birth*

·  Many opportunities for partner involvement

·  24 hour on-call services with unlimited email support 2 weeks prior to due date until the postpartum visit

·  Uninterrupted support during labor and delivery once our presence is requested until 1-2 hours after birth

·  A home visit within one week postpartum for infant care, mom’s healing, and general life adjustments

·  $1000 *

Prenatal and postpartum Reiki and/or coaching packages can be added on at your request.

Please contact me directly.

Clients are required to participate in a childbirth education course of their choice.

* A $50 charge for travel added to births outside of Laramie

My Doula Philosophy in a Nutshell

o  You’ve got this.

o  I support you in your decisions on how you want to birth.

o  I believe in YOU whole-heartedly.

o  I believe in your baby whole-heartedly.

o  Pregnancy is a mental, emotional, and spiritual transition.

o  Mothers-to-be need to be nurtured

o  Pregnancy can be a time of immense personal growth.

What is a Doula?

why do I need one?

The Greek word doula is defined as “woman caregiver”. A doula is an experienced labor companion who provides the woman and her partner both emotional and physical support throughout the entire labor and delivery.  She is a nurturing presence who uses a wide variety of comfort techniques along with her extensive knowledge of the birthing process to bring a sense of calm confidence to the birthing couple. A doula does not provide clinical advice or speak on behalf of the couple. Rather she provides tools for the parents to make informed, empowered decisions.

The benefits of the continuous support provided by a doula are numerous and include:    

​   - 45% reduction in c-section rate   
   - Decreases length of labor by 25%
   - Decreased need for pain medication by 31%
   - 50% decrease in the use of Pitocin
   - Up to 60% decrease in the use of epidurals
   - Forceps use decreased by 34%
   - 71% increase in partner satisfaction following birth
   - Increases acceptance of baby and maternal/infant bond
   - Decreased neonatal problems
   - 13% reduction in postpartum depression
   - Enhances self-confidence, self-esteem and feelings of control

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