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  • Do you frequently push yourself beyond your limits? Do you work too hard or too long? = EXHAUSTION
  • Do you ignore your needs? (Regular meals, enough sleep, time to self, etc.)
  • Do you feel like people take advantage of you?
  • Are you relatively calm and then suddenly explode when it’s too much?
  • Pretend to agree when you disagree?
  • Hold back your true feelings?
  • Are you always getting ill or experience chronic pain?
  • Do you feel it’s selfish or unreasonable to take take care of yourself with everything else on your plate?
  • Do family gatherings FREAK. YOU. OUT.?
  • Are there times when you feel like you take on other people's "stuff", but don't know how to stop?

If you answered YES to more than one of those questions, your boundaries might be asking for help. As healers, helpers, teachers, parents, co-workers, empaths, and big-hearted folks, I find a lot of people struggle with healthy boundaries.

Poor boundaries can manifest in symptoms such as feeling physically and emotionally drained to chronic illness, repetitive patterns in your life, and challenges with work and relationships.

Boundaries are one of the most critical factors for establishing healthy self esteem, relationships, and physical health. Establishing boundaries is a sign of self-respect and communicates to others how we expect to be treated.

Join Jess Ryan, MS for this one hour call to help you assess your boundaries, the signals you are sending and receiving (and might not even be aware of), and how to get your mojo intact so you can live your happiest, healthiest, and most purposeful the real world!

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Taking Jess Ryan's Boundary Workshop has helped me begin to understand where I need to work on boundaries. This workshop has given me stronger skills and awareness in the way I interact with my personal world, my professional world, and my family world.  I am now more aware of how my environment effects my body, my emotions and my being - I am working towards creating better boundaries and having a healthier, happier existence. Jess offering this incredible workshop is such a gift to all of us! Thanks Jess Ryan! You are wonderful!

Sarah, RN, CRRN

         60 minute class

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Better boundaries = better humans

our Real work

         60 minute class

Boundary Indicator PDF

         60 minute class

Boundary Indicator PDF

I can’t tell you how profound I found this workshop. Of all the work I have done over the years––this is it. BOUNDARIES. This is the REAL work. It wasn’t until this class that I realized the impact boundaries have had on every aspect of my life. All of the pieces were finally put into perspective. Thank you for this material!