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What clients have to say:

You’re confused and frustrated. Maybe you’ve taken a self-improvement workshop, been practicing yoga, or read a book that has opened you up to a new way of wanting to live your life. You’re searching for ways to incorporate this information and live with a deeper sense of meaning, but have no idea where to start, what exactly to change, or how to do this when your boss says a project is due tomorrow and your kid just dropped your checkbook in the toilet.  

If only (queue the harps) a note would drop from the heavens and tell you exactly what you should do next to feel in sync with the Universe and to live, majestically, into your destiny.

I can TOTALLY help. 

I’m friends with the note-makers Above and can put in an expedited request for you.  Okay, so that’s not exactly how I work. 
And, most of the time, there aren’t literal notes that land in the palm
of your hand.  BUT after this program, you’ll have concrete steps on how to feel more clear about where you are going, how to get there, and that you can confidently live your way into a deeply meaningful life.

Jess Ryan has a gift for leading you into the unknown in a gentle way, but getting powerful results.  I was in the "what is happening to me" phase of spiritual awareness and Jess worked with me to take simple steps to gain a greater understanding of my intuition, which has resulted in more joy and acceptance of my gifts and purpose in this world.

Summer Howard

Boulder, CO



Jess has a way of making intuition and energy work very accessible in the real world. She has become my go to resource for making decisions in my business, not because she tells me what to do but she helps me make the best decision for myself. She combines science, universal energy and a good dose of humor to help put me at ease every single time I speak with her. She's my secret weapon for sure.

Megan Flatt

San Francisco, Ca


Jess has a great way of explaining things. If you're new to trying to understanding the world of your own intuition she will have you on board in no time. She is fun, cheerful, and full of knowledge. You won't be disappointed!

Lorena Rodriguez CMT, RYT

Laramie, Wyoming

Owner of Loving Touch Massage Therapy

our Real work

As a result of this program you will:

o   Trust the decisions in your life and know you'll be doing what is right for YOU and everyone else around you

o   Learn scientifically proven methods for connecting with, clearly hearing, and experiencing your unique inner guidance so you feel like you are

     making decisions inline with your truth

o   Get permission to trust and act on your gut instincts: learning which feelings are authentic and which ones are distractions 

o   Feel connected to and excited about YOUR life and what you bring to this trip around the sun

This package includes:

- 1, 90 minute intake session to discover your intuition strengths and weaknesses, how that is impacting your life, and developing a 3 month action plan based on my 5-step Intuition Indicator System

- 5, 1:1, 50 minute coaching sessions where we will explore each area in depth and provide you with tangible and scientifically proven ways to implement that information into your life so that you start trusting your unique way of knowing and making decisions.  (A minimum of two of these sessions will be Energetic Healing sessions to help reveal and clear energetic blocks within your system and to make room for creativity, healing, and your purpose.) 

- Content recordings for each of the intuition areas sent prior to each coaching session

- Mp3 guided meditations

- Pdfs and guidance sheets for each of the intuition areas

- Weekday email access

- Two, 10 minute emergency calls

- Weekly email check-ins and accountability

- The Trust Your Self action plan

$1500 (payment plans available)

I only have 2 client openings for this program in the fall/winter of 2016 so that you will get my utmost attention.  

Please contact me ASAP if you want one of these spots!

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