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Jess Ryan, MS, E-RYT is a Reiki Master, Initiated Shaman, and has been doing intuitive Reiki and energy work since 2004. She is also a yoga teacher, doula, and life coach that works with men and women through spiritual and major life transitions to find their unique intuition and bring their inner world into their outer, everyday life.

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I sought out energy work with Jess as a bit of a skeptic.  I was at a point in life where I knew things needed to shift with me...I had recently divorced, and was beginning to see patterns in how I deal with the world that I didn't like.  So I thought, what do I have to lose; let's try Reiki.  The first session, I was skeptical, but there were a few things that really resonated with me about my energy centers.  I decided, what the heck, I'll do what she says and see what happens.  For the first time, I started seeing a difference because I was finally able to pinpoint how my approach to the world was affecting me and those around me.  Since this first time, my sessions with Jess have continued to provided even more insight into myself.  - Erin, Laramie

I had been in therapy for a few years and just felt like I was stuck on something unnameable.  After hearing about Jess and Reiki, I decided to try it.  My main stumbling block seemed to be about money and flow.  I went to one session and immediately felt the shift I knew was in me.  I have been going for 6 months now and in that time my life has transformed for the better.  My work-life has shifted from feeling frustrating and overwhelming to full of promise.  My income flow has increased and several awesome opportunities have landed in my lap.  I know I was somehow blocking that good energy before I went to see Jess.   Jess Ryan is amazing- she is truly in touch with that greater energy out there in an honest, down to earth and relaxed way.   She has a natural way of working that does not feel "woo-woo" or forced.  I guarantee you will not regret going to see her!"  - Anonymous

In the past few years I had some pretty big life changes-- finishing grad school, new jobs, marriage, moving multiple times, buying a house, --  I felt like I'd been in permanent transition, constantly moving with no grounding. At work I wasn't performing like I was capable, like I lost my confidence and my voice. Many relationships felt distanced. I had felt connection and rootedness before and was desperately seeking it again, but had not idea how to get there. It turns out it was with me all along, I just needed some guidance in how to reveal it and coax my own true voice back to an audible level. Jess is a real person, juggling a real life yet has wisdom and a gift she is willing to share to make our individual and shared worlds a better place. - Katie Christensen, Artist and Arts Education Specialist www.katiechristensenart.com

This work is life changing.

Don't take my worD for it...

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Upcoming dates


  • Friday, April 21, 2017, 9-1pm  and Wednesday, May 18, 9am-1pmLARAMIE​​ - in person
  • DISTANCE done anywhere over phone or Skype

  • Thursday, April 28, 8am-11amMT,  ​Friday, April 28, 2017, 8:30am-11:30amMT 
  • May 4, 9am-3pmMT,  May 12, 9am-1pmMT,  May 25, 1-5pmMT

What Are these Healing sessions?

​In a nutshell, Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works holistically; on the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. We hold our life experiences, emotions, and soul in our body.  Reiki is a relaxing treatment where natural healing energy is transmitted through the system of a Reiki practitioner to the physical, mental, emotional, and spirit bodies of the recipient. That is why this healing modality can be done in person or at a distance (in absentia).

The purpose of the session is to relieve stress and pain, accelerate natural healing, induce relaxation, release emotional blockages, balance subtle bodies energies, and support other medical modalities including traditional therapies. 

My 1:1 sessions also include Shamanic practices, somatic-based practices, intuitive energy work, and life coaching exercises so you will walk away with practical applications and homework that will keep the momentum of transformation and healing going long after our session.

Why the Healing Clinic Sessions?

1. To provide a lower cost option for working with me

The Healing Clinic offers 50 minute, 1:1 healing sessions. I only do longer term 1:1 Reiki/energy work/coaching packages because big shifts happen when people focus on this work over the course of weeks and months. I equate it to any kind of therapy––physical or mental.  Going once is super informative, however the deep, structural changes happen with time and consistency. 

Investment - $108

Luckily, Healing Clinic Days offer a great opportunity for those that have previously worked with me long-term to get a tune-up, those that want to try energy work, those that have taken a Reiki training, and anyone who wants to incorporate healing on more than just the physical level. 

2. To share the gift of healing and transformation

​3. To provide a regular clinic, every month, for people who want and can benefit from the consistency of this healing practice

Spaces are limited and fill up fast.

Reserve your 50 min, 1:1 session now.

Jess Ryan and her Reiki treatments have been one of the instruments in changing my life in a very positive direction over the last 5 years. I sought reiki treatments because someone told me I would benefit from them. I had no idea what it was and I still remember the 1st conversation I ever had about it with Jess. To say it was out of my comfort zone is an understatement. Since then I have had many reiki treatments by several practitioners. Jess remains my favorite and is, most assuredly, my first choice! She has been a major asset in my finding myself, my center, areas that need attention, grounding me, and keeping me on track with my spiritual walk. I could go on...But you should just go for it and do it yourself!!! (At least 3 times!) - Darci L. Reed, RN, Alternative Healing Haven, Casper, Wyoming, 407-506-7061

"A healing session with Jess unlocked whatever was stuck! Things I didn't even know were stagnating  in my body, mind and spirit suddenly began to flow. I stopped dwelling on the little things and focusing on the good stuff. With the work that Jess helped me do, I was able to rediscover awareness that I had lost along the way. Chronic pain turned into a quest for grounded strength and positive momentum."